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in conversation w
dana robinson

Thank you for joining us in conversation with Brooklyn based multimedia artist, Dana Robinson. 

Check out the rest of this page for discussion notes on her series
Ebony Reprinted and a link to the artwork exclusively consigned for this event. 


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Dana Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist who combines, reproduces and deconstructs, vintage materials, found objects, and paint to address the topics of youth, black female identity, ownership and nostalgia. Robinson's work has been written about in NY Mag’s Vulture, VICE, and Ain’t Bad. She has recently shown work in a virtual reality environment at Untitled Art Online with LatchKey Gallery and Selena’s Mountain, and currently is exhibiting works in a show at the 92nd Street Y called “On Being.” They have participated in over ten exhibitions in 2021 and have three solo exhibitions in 2022 at Fuller Rosen Gallery in Portland, OR, Haul Gallery in Brooklyn, and A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn.She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Fine Art in 2019, and works in Brooklyn.

From Poolside to Disco, 2022

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"My monoprints present the healing possibilities of abstraction. Using images that circulated in printed advertisements I remove traces of exploitative white dominated capitalist visual language allow the individuals in these images to regain their agency in the world. As the images are translated into paint, and that paint is intently smeared, pressed, and textured, the human beings at the center of these manipulative images become at once more abstract and exponentially more present.

The creation of the monoprints toes the line between careless fun and deep consideration. By reproducing the vintage Ebony magazine ads and editorial images in this way, I am constantly making rules just to break them in the next print. The visual results and the feelings they invoke are unpredictable and there is no reliable formula for their creation. As I oscillate between casual experimentation, and wanting strict control over this unruly process, I ultimately discover I am not interested in finding perfection and choose to maintain a sense of curiosity about the results."

- Dana Robinson on
Ebony Reprinted

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 7.52.55 AM.png

Vintage Ebony Magazine covers

Ebony was founded by John Johnson and Eunice Johnson in 1945 as a “life & style magazine” to show Blackness “in its entirety”. The magazine admirably did not shy away from the realities of social justice and civil rights, and was critical to the sharing of information during the Civil Rights Movement into the present. 

“Ebony was founded to provide positive images for blacks in a world of negative images and non-images. It was founded to project all dimensions of the black personality in a world saturated with stereotypes.”

John H. Johnson "Publisher's Statement," November 1975

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1990 Fashion Fair advertisement

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Image from vintage Ebony Magazine

Additional information on Ebony Magazine and Fashion Fair: 

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Amy Sherald, Welfare Queen, 2012

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Kehinde Wiley, Rumors of War, 2019

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