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using art as a tool for progress


who we are

_crate is a multifaceted arts & culture collective based in NYC and London. We celebrate art and those who value it by providing inclusive, accessible, and thoughtful spaces for learning, conversing, and collecting. Our collective is composed of a diverse group of artists, art professionals, and experts from various industries in pursuit of equitable and mutually beneficial engagement with the arts and its supporters.

our approach

Using art as an educational and conversational tool, Crate promotes art discussion and advocacy through engagement with businesses, organizations, and new collectors. We draw on historical context and the expertise of our collective to develop creative and innovative experiences, opportunities, and solutions to engage with and broaden the impact of the arts. Through educational art programming, cultural partnerships, and collection advising we enhance clients’ knowledge of the truly diverse art world, in terms of both representation and social impact.

our team


clark l. edmond

founder &

managing director


blaine baxter bilal

co-founder &

director of programming


alex doyle

co-founder & 

director of operations

Big Title

our advisors


dr. cheryl finley 

art history, education,

& curation


rangita de silva de alwis

international policy

& human rights 


radcliffe bailey 

visual art


beatriz brown 

art, culture, & social justice

our __crate love letter series is a monthly newsletter to our beloved community.


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